Thank You Shawn Porter

Let’s start with the obvious first, Terence Crawford is absolutely the real deal and might be the best boxer in the world above Canelo Alvarez. “Bud” Crawford’s performance was nothing less than an absolute statement victory for his career beating a primed Shawn Porter in dramatic fashion. Nothing but absolute credit should be given to Terence “Bud” Crawford for doing what no other top Welterweight has been able to do; I am very excited to see who he decides to take on next.

As a humongous Shawn Porter fan, it is no secret that I was pulling for Shawn Porter to upset Terence Crawford, but as he was knocked down for the second time and furiously pounded the canvas, it was clear that Porter’s tremendous will would again, not be enough to overcome the challenge he was faced with in the ring. As Shawn Porter always does, he again made it to his feet only for his father, Kenny Porter, to throw in the towel and bring to a close an incredibly entertaining career. A career that in my opinion is not defined by the 4 losses, but rather by the quality of the fights themselves. The two-time world champion never entered the ring without putting on an absolute show and always left all of himself in the ring. In the same vein as Arturo Gatti, fans will remember Shawn Porter as a fighter that always brought them to their feet and always brought out the best in his opponents. 

Shawn Porter never makes excuses for his performances, and owns each of them all the while giving credit where credit is deserved. Shawn Porter embodies very much of what boxing is about by demonstrating humility, perseverance, and hard work in and out of the ring. Although this is not the ideal send off im sure Shawn Porter would have wanted for his ring career, the sport of boxing loves him and he will surely not be gone from the sport entirely. Boxing should be appreciative of fighters like Shawn Porter, as they make the sport better and make millions of people into boxing fans by giving us great fights; Thank you to Shawn Porter for a great career and for putting the football helmet down and picking up the gloves, boxing was made better when you did.

Thank you for reading everyone who did, this was a short post to say thank you to a great fighter. I would love to hear anyones take on the Terence Crawford v. Shawn Porter fight or the career of Shawn Porter/his retirement so please leave a comment or send an email to me at Let me know what you would like to hear about next, and have a good day.


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